Try the New Product Design with International Moulded Plastics 52-54 Alexander Avenue, Taren Point NSW 2229, Australia
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Moulded plastics have found a way everywhere and almost in every sector. From small items to large items for commercial purposes or New Product Design, moulded plastics are needed everywhere.

International Moulded Plastics provides you with moulded plastics for every need. We provide high-quality products with longevity so that you have full satisfaction with our products. We also use the latest technology for moulded plastics. From medical houses to corporate offices, we can provide you with products for every need. Our products are made with precise step technology and hence finds use in almost every other application.

International Moulded Plastics

52-54 Alexander Avenue

Taren Point

New South Wales



Phone: 02 9531 1122

Phone: 02 9531 1144



International Moulded Plastics
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