Seaweed Supplement, 450 grams (1lb) for pets and animals. Cork, Co Cork, Ireland
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Seaweed Supplement, 450 grams (1lb) for pets and animals. Product Ref: P3a/P3k An universal feed supplement and fed to a wide range of animals from the most expensive pedigree race horses to dairy cattle, beef animal, sheep, goats, pigs, domestic animals such as dogs and cats, poultry and birds, fish and as fertilizer for plants. The benefits of seaweed are multiple and are reflected in improved animal care and health, to keep coat condition and skin pigmentation, fertility, ability to cope with stress, overcoming calving difficulties quantity and quality of milk and livelier offspring, limiting the use of medicines. Our Seaweed contain the full spectrum of organic (photo-synthetic) vitamins, all minerals and 72 natural ionic sea trace minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids. Omega 3’s and 6’s, anti-oxidants, growth hormones, poly-phenols i.e. The high density of nutrients found in seaweed is extremely important for many reasons. Perhaps the most important is that these nutrients maintain/replace cell membranes in structure and function. This is vital for cell detoxification, and for the overall metabolism in general, In many feed situations a sufficient supply of an essential trace elements can make all the difference between the well being of your stock and poor growth or production. When cattle, horses, sheep, goats and deer and other animals are on pasture with none, little or varying amounts of concentrates, you can consider supply trace elements using seaweed. Negatively charged minerals have been shown to increase the transport and bio-availability of other foods, the supplement improves the animals ability to digest, enabling it to make better use of whatever feed is available. Relying solely on land-based feed sources may lead to deficiencies in these micronutrients and electrolytes. The elements and electrolytes in seaweed are tailor-made and contain high amounts of calcium and phosphorous and are extremely high in magnesium, iron, iodine and sodium. It can easily be added to the animal feed, and as the seaweed is dried and processed quickly the benefits it offers are preserved. Highly Recommend!!