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Employers Insurance

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Keystone Insurance are the fastest growing Public Liability Insurance Company in the UK & Ireland. Providing quotations and cover for: Public Liability Insurance Professional Indemnity Insurance Contractors All Risk Office Insurance Construction Insurance Builders Insurance Motor Trade Insurance Employers Liability Insurance And much more….

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

The Insurance industry today has to tackle with Big Data to arrive at meaningful information. With the rapid changes facing the industry, a good Business Intelligence and Analytical tool can provide insurers with a deeper, incisive insight into the multiple facets of the insurance business. This can further aid the management in improving performance of key business levers like claims productivity, customer retention and claims management. It can help Insurance providers with critical information to help them identify the trends and device appropriate business strategies.


Predictive Analytics

In today’s highly intensive insurance marketplace, consumers are looking for more customized offerings for their insurance…

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Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics is the uppermost level of insurance analytics and also the most multifaceted to set up and program. It examines data data influx from a wide variety of internal and external sources…

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Reporting & Dashboards

We built many of the most common set of standard and compliance reports with descriptive statistics for select processes. We built a set of agile widgets that gets embedded in to high end dashboards. Dashboards are single …

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Big Data

Inniti applies its analytical capability to utilize this data to create insights and also ensconce insights into business processes to ensure smart decisions. Custom- built frameworks and vast industry expertise…

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Performance Engineering

Performance management takes predominance at Inniti during the growth, maintenance and creation of the client’s IT systems. To assist in enhancing and optimizing system performance we provide tools and strategies to …