Private Pool Villas Phuket Thailand 72/11-18, Paklok Thalang Phuket, Thailand
Posted on February 15, / 45

Listing Type : Holiday Resort

The choice of excursions, especially if you come to Phuket for the first time, is quite complicated. What to choose excursions? Which islands to go to? There are a lot of them, and they look like difficult-to-pronounce names. What is the difference? How to find the perfect tour for yourself and your family? Because in all these Khao Sokah, Khao Laka and other Phi Phi is easy to get confused. I’ll tell you about all the variety of excursions in Phuket and teach you how to choose the right trip.All excursions can be divided into several groups: islands near Boutique Resort Phuket, overland trips to the mainland, entertainment and attractions on the island itself, trips to neighboring countries. Let’s look at each of these groups separately. Look at the map and read the description of each category.

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