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Personality is basically a behavior, appearance and a bet of beliefs that an individual possesses imbibe from its surrounding. Each person in this world has a different and unique personality.

What is personality development or personal development? It is basically improving or grooming one’s personality for enhancing ones inner and outer abilities, making stronger presence and for getting better opportunities in aspect to job and career. As you go through the blog you will come across different theories of personality, Personality development tips and personal development plan etc. In brief this blog basically talks about self development or self improvement through ways like-

(i)  Dealing with Performance anxiety

One minute rule

Thinking of audience as friends



Staying natural


(ii) Speaking impact-full, improving on your communication skills-

Listening passionately

The magic of tones and voices

Completeness and clarity

Body posture (nonverbal cues)

Using the correct speed

Speaking mindful


(ii)  Transforming from dull to dynamic

Thorough preparation

Sense of humor

Stage management

Being respectful


(iv) The empowering link between personality and appearance

(v) Tips for self- grooming

(vi) Methods to become a leader

But why do we need personality development? Why is developing one’s personality is important?  Each person possesses the quality of standing out in a crowd. Personality development is a step to polish to polish that quality, refining one’s speaking abilities, appearance, expanding one’s knowledge, adopting a health life style etc all these to make a better presence and to gain advantageous position in jobs, careers and also other aspects of life like public speaking, family gathering, a group discussion between friends, colleagues etc.



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