PAINT STORE FRANCHISEE $30000 Omaha , Nebraska 68007 United States,
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Selling Program. 
You can open a paint store franchisee at 30000 usd with over 3000 gallon of paints with tinting machine, shaker, colorants total set. 
No franchisee fee, No commission or percentage on sales. 
Paint sales works good. 
Paint sales is 75% of sale value in a paint store business. 

We prefer the construction and paintbackground people coming forward to open stores. 
1. Local marketing website tools. 
Listing on local website help with the Local community making deals of paints like Paints from 12 $ a gallon. Ensures a sale of over 100 usd per day on average itself from Craiglist/ offer up / Let it go. 

2. Listing store and business on All platforms of Google, Manta, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow pages etc. 

3. Doing the SEO and SMO with local partners or our team. 100$ per month expense helps. 

4. Calling data base of Painters in community making deals and offering prices over phone awakens interest in painters to come in and try. 

5. Doing Pay Per Click Google advt. 

6. Taking the material from for the balance hardware and paint tools. 

7. Regent Paint will sell the product at prices and deliver the goods to the store. We do not share margins or invest with stores. 
We offer a total solution to painters. 
On Guideline prices we are at least 35% lower than market ( SW, BM, home depot brands). 

1 average painting contractor gives about 1200 usd sales per week. Buying about 15 buckets and some tools. 
It is possible to attain a sale of 350 to 500 USD per day after passing 45 days with all above consistent workings. With margins of over 35% to 40% on sales value the break even can be attained in 2 months from opening. 
With 7 days of working we assume sales of 18000 for third month. 

A new store will make progress from 2nd month and make profits in 3rd month onwards. 
Preferably store to be open all 7 days a week at least 12 hours daily for first 6 months. 

Do refer to www.Regentpaintsusa. com for more information 

This is the demo 1200 colors a plus SW software. 
This shows the cost of the product to the store. 

Based on all sheens of exterior and interior 
Contactor latex 500 pastel colors 
Premium Matt latex 1200 1800 256 colors 
Egg shell latex 1200 1800 256 colors 
Velvett/ satin latex 1200 1800 256 colors 
Semi gloss latex 1200 1800 256 colors 

Please click link and download the demo software