Jitesh United Kingdom - UK
Posted on July 18, / 139

Listing Type : Grooms

As a person I am fun loving, easy going, confident, highly ambitious and knows what I want from life. I really don’t fancy glorifying my self with words here so if you are really curious to know more about me you can always ask. I am looking for a life partner who is like fun to be around and open minded. Someone who knows how to enjoy life and has a positive outlook towards it Profiles with no pictures or protected ones please do not contact me (Sorry no offence but I feel they are not very open about themselves or whatever their weird logic is..). Also I would really appreciate someone who will contact by themselves rather than their parents as I want to know the girl first and what she really wants, what are her interests etc.(which is very important for me) before involving parents and making the final move. I know some may feel its bit over the top but hey we live in a 21 century isn’t it? 🙂


About Life Partner Preferences:

A kind person with a pleasing personality, one who respects others and their feeling. Most important thing that she should be good friend and supportive..