IPhone 4 with BB 04.12.05 / 04.12.02 /04.12.01 Unlocking sim France, Metropolitan
Posted on August 1, / 132

Superior Groups First Time In The world Introduce First Time IPhone 4 BB 04.12.05 Unlocking Sim Interposer,the Superior Groups Announce Superior sim Ultra+ Its Specialy For Bb 04.12.05, Who Upgrade There IPhone To ios 6.0.1 or 6.0.2 And Update BB 04.12.05,04.12.02,04.12.01 Now No Issue Just Unlock Within 10-15 Seconds.Superior Introduce F998. Chip At 2 February 2013 Supported All IOS Include 6.0.2. visit website: www. superiorsim. com world wide shipping supported Note: Resellers/distributors required Contact: Skype:iphone5developer Sonork:1624181 Payments: Paypal ,Liberty Reserve,Bank Transfer. e-mail:superiorgroups**.com