How to get a mobile home loan with **** credit? – Montreal (canada) Canada
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The present scenario has witnessed a drastic change in the fields of loans and mortgage in Canada.Today many manufactured mobile homes are without wheels and one can hardly distinguish these from the traditional ones. But here the financing still remains a little less than conventional. Now a days getting a mortgage for a mobile home is basically the same as getting a mortgage for a regular house. You will need to find a good finance company who can provide you loan on mortgage and also guide you properly through the whole process. Along with that it should also offer you the cheapest rate of interest possible as compared to other banks and credit unions.

Cash in 24  understands the fact that getting a mobile home loan with good credit score is a plain sailing. However with a **** credit history, a mobile home loan is something unimaginable from even the best financing companies in Canada. Here Cash in 24 will provide mobile home loans, ranging from $1,000 to $25,000, even if you have a **** credit. Contact Cash in 24 for fast and swift payment of **** credit home loan in your bank account within next 24 hours.


Any Vehicle

1.       Less than 8 years old

2.       Completely Paid out

3.       Not leased and no outstanding loans

4.       insured, including collision and comprehensive coverage

Mobile Home

1.       Completely Paid out

2.       No outstanding loans

3.       Must be insured


1.       1st Mortgages

2.       2nd Mortgages

3.       Must be insured

What Documents do I need to provide?

When applying for a title loan from us, you’ll be asked to scan and email (or fax) the following documents:

1.       Two pieces of photo ID (license and health card)

2.       Proof of income

3.       Proof of residence (rental agreement, mortgage or tax bill)

4.       Photos of exterior and interior of the vehicle

5.       Clear photo of the vehicle’s odometer

6.       Proof of vehicle insurance

7.       Proof of ownership of vehicle

8.       Void check

9.       Five References


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