Do our bit to save the water species 9600 Kaumualii Highway, Waimea, HI, USA
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Na Pali Whale believes in protecting whales and other marine species. They believe that everyone needs to do their bit to protect the environment. Rather than littering things and keeping the environment dirty simply recycle and cut the use of plastic and pick the trash up.

Na Pali Whale also has many adventures to see and visit such as coast tours, snorkeling tours, dolphin tours, whale watching in Kauai is the most famous thing people look for, raft tour, and sea cave tours. In raft tour, you can see green turtles and notice them come up to breath a few seconds of air. They can catch their breath underwater for hours.

When in Na Pali Whale ensure to Whale watch in Kauai.

Na Pali Whale

9600 Kaumualii Highway

Waimea, Hawaii, 96796