Desktop 6 Antennas 2G 3G 4G WiFi/GPS Jammer Fallais, Belgium
Posted on July 1, / 41

Listing Type : Mobile Phones
Contact Number : 0485786247

1. Can work continuously for 24 hours, without harm to human health.
2. Adopts high hardness aluminum shell, the heat dissipation capability is greatly improved, and thus the shell’s wear resistance can be guaranteed.
3. Ultra thin shell, OEM or silk-screen logo can be made on the surface according to customer’s needs(only for wholesale customers).
4. Slow start circuit design is adopted, can avoid spark phenomenon due to mechanical switch.
5. The air inlet and outlet on the two sides are in symmetrical position to form a convection. And the two silent fans discharge the heat timely, to ensure the main unit functions stably.