Croatia – House for sale , or exchange in Slavonski Brod Croatia
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Croatia – House for sale, or exchange in Slavonski Brod For sale a large estate with two top-notch buildings on an attractive location with a beautiful panoramic view of Slavonski Brod. Apart from an ideal family property a wide range of business purposes are possible. From a nursing home, wellness center, various clinics, offices and other business purposes. The total surface area of both buildings: 560m2 / Ground: 2800m2. – building 1 – 240m2 (120m2 ground floor apartment and a 120m2 loft apartment + terraces and balconies). – building 2 – 320m2 (double garage, guest apartment and a courtyard facility with 3 rooms). Proper documentation: building permit, location permit, proprietary document 1/1, no encumbrances (mortgages, etc.). Connections: water, electric, sewage, telephone, central heating with heating oil. Reduced price from 300.000€ to: 275.000€. Possible exchange for a house on the sea. Owner sells directly, without the intermediation of real estate agencies. Contact: Kata Kulus, mob: 385 (0) 91 784 2264, e-mail:, 35000 Slavonski Brod, Brodski Varos, Prigorska 2. Web:

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