Classical Dance Classes in Bangalore-Sreejaya’s School of Classical Dance
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Contact Number : 8884733100

The main objective of Sreejaya’s School of Classical Dance- Classical Dance Classes in Bangalore is to develop and nurture the authentic traditions of classical Bharatnatyam and produce performers, teachers and choreographers who will preserve and spread the art form in its purest form. The students are trained in a wide-range of programs like the Adavus – Steps, Hastas – Hand Gestures, Abhinaya – Expressions, dance items – Ranga Pooja, Alarippu, Pushpanjali, Jathiswaram, Ganesha Stuthi, Shabdam, Padam, Keerthanam, Devarnamam, Varnam, Javali and Thillana. Currently the school has many students over various age groups and different levels of training. The school regularly presents “Nrithya Sandhya” (evening of dance), a stage performance by its students

Sreejaya’s School of Classical Dance is one of the best classical dance classes in Bangalore that is capable enough to make the student learn about the various classical dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak ect. The teacher Shree Jaya has the enough experience from the dance and drama industry.

 To make the invaluable tradition of dance-culture Sreejaya’s School of Classical is conducting Top Bharatnatyam Classes In Kormanagala Bangalore.


For the query regarding the Classical Dance Classes call on 888 473 3100 or email us on

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