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Amla, Kalonji checks male pattern baldness. Bringraj, Brahmi and Yashtimadhu advance hair development, fortifies hair follicles for thick, thick hair development. The detailing keeps dandruff under control, treats split finishes and keep up normal hair shading. Amla, Hibiscus alongside the rest includes shine and conditions your tresses.

Signs : Hair fall, Hair Thinning, Dull Hair, Dry hair, Under Nourishment. 

Advances : Thick and Dense Hair Growth 

Headings for use:

Make glue with Keshaposhana Choorna and Warm water

Apply glue from scalp as far as possible of the hair in little parts

Apply little weight and back rub the scalp for 5-10 mins 

Leave thick glue on the scalp and hairs for around 20-30mins 

Rub hairs tenderly while washing off with water 

Sun get hairs and brush dry natural remainders

Use two times per week

For best outcomes use Vajraayu Keshaposhana Taila