Bed and breakfast hotel in Elhovo Bulgaria London,united kingdom
Posted on October 21, / 119

Listing Type : Hotels

The property is in the Bulgarian town of Elhovo. This is an extremely popular part of the country for UK visitors. It is generally accepted that Elhovo is where the property boom for Bulgarian properties actually started. We are about an hour from Bourgas airport, about 15 minutes from the Turkish border and an hour or so to the Greek border, so there are many attractions. The property is visible from the road that runs past the town and looks very pretty, like a large villa. It is very accessible and easy to find, passing trade is easy to come by, although the chances are the place will be booked. People from the UK like to book up in advance, and there really is not much to choose from as far as accommodation goes in the town. This year, all the beds, and most of the furniture were replaced for the new season. People come here year on year to purchase properties, to visit friends that have relocated here, and to renew acquaintances. The town is very friendly and the weather is glorious for nine months of the year. The winter is quite short, and really quite mild, we are close to Turkey and Greece, not up the cold end!! To find us on the web just type in Hotel Elhovo we are usually at the top! There you will find all the information you need, including pictures of the rooms, prices etc, we hope to hear from you soon!