Asphalt Paver Tires china
Posted on October 5, / 74

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Asphalt Paver Tires We can offer various types or brands of Asphalt Paver Tires with good quality and reasonable price; Asphalt Paver Tires Features: Mainly suitable for Asphalt Paver Also Suitable for the expressway, ordinary road and muddy road conditions Low noise emission and low impact noise and vibration when rolling over obstacles Symmetric tread pattern design for good straight line high speed stability Provide good traction and braking at all weather conditions(sunny, raining, summer, winter). Welcome to contact us for any questions. Address:2nd Floor,Xinhe Linghang building,Xingsheng Road,Gaoxing District,Chengdu,Sichuan,China  Fax:+86-28-86129221 Email:tire2(at) Contact Person:Cecie Skype ID:cecieyoung


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