Are you my match Минск, Belarus
Posted on July 6, / 150

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I’m a quiet and discreet type with a pretty relaxed lifestyle. 3/4 introvert 1/4 extrovert. Quite shy but when you are in my close circle I could always up for a fun time. To me, it’s not so much the what I’m doing but the people I’m doing it with. Stay in with a movie? Go out to a nice restaurant? Take a walk around the lake? It all sounds good to me.
I’m pretty much into all types of movies, also enjoying music, reading, travelling, good food, and having a laugh Wink I have an apartment and recently I’ve been spending lots of time on my renovation-related projects.
I’m happy with my life, but I can’t deny sharing some special moments with a significant other would make the life that much better. I seek the reward and challenge of starting a family, and whatever bright future I make for myself, I’d prefer to do it in a loving partnership.