Are You Looking For The Safest And Highest Grade Fish Oil At Reasonable Price Singapore
Posted on October 11, / 68

1. Do you want the food that can help your kids have the best brain development? 
2. Is your child avoid taking fish oil because of the fishy smell and taste?
3. Do you want to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke? 
4. Are you looking for the safest and highest grade Fish Oil at reasonable price? 
5. Do you find it hard to swallow fish oil softgels because they are too big ? 

Unicity Omega Life 3 is the SOLUTION you are looking for! 

What’s special about Unicity OmegaLife 3?
-It is listed in the Physician Desk Reference (PDR), a prestigious medical reference for medical professionals around the world. Unicity is the company with the most products listed in PDR. 
-The difference is in the ingredients: Unicity Omega Life 3 has higher levels of DHA(400 mg) and EPA(800 mg) than other fishoil in the market. Unicity used special process called Molecular Distillation to remove all contaminants such as mercury from the fish.
-Includes orange oil to prevent fishy after-taste. Your child will love it !
-Easy to swallow softgels
-Unicity Life 3 is pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Comparing Omega Life 3 to other products is like comparing a Lamborghini to the rest of car brands, there is no comparison.