Angel Bella 17B Farnham Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, Auckland, New Zealand
Posted on July 12, / 165

Listing Type : Other Entertainment
Contact Number : 0220212304

Have you yearned for a woman that can command your presence? Look no further than Angel Bella. You’ll soon be in the arms of a lady who can be sweet and sophisticated.

Bella’s misty blue eyes will capture your attention. You’ll get lost in their vastness as your hands make their way into her shiny blonde hair that frames her angelic features. Her hair’s softness will entice you to grab hold of it and lose yourself in its luxury. Your hands will continue to explore Angel Bella’s figure, sending goosebumps down her delicately tanned, curvaceous body. Her natural D-cup breasts will press against your chest as Bella’s hands guide yours to her plump derrière. You’ll feel her lush behind and your whole body will quiver with pleasure.

Next, you’ll notice Bella’s intense sweetness. Her playful nature will thrill you in ways you didn’t think possible. Once you two are alone, you’ll soon find that her ability to capture your attention is amplified by a bedroom setting. This Angel certainly knows just how to touch you. When she pushes her full bottom against your frame, you will feel your senses erupt in ecstasy. Her fingers trailing down your chest will give you a rush of adrenaline, and you’ll soon find yourself lost in her curves.

Book your intimate encounter with Angel Bella today, and experience the sweet thrills of a woman who knows how to play.