Angel Alessandra 17B Farnham Street, Parnell, Auckland 1052, Auckland, New Zealand
Posted on July 12, / 156

Listing Type : Other Entertainment
Contact Number : 0220212304

There is nothing more alluring than an angel with luxurious curves. Angel Alessandra’s lush body will tempt you in ways you’ve never been tempted. When you first lay eyes on her, you will be entranced by the deliciousness of her figure. Her body will become your paradise.

You look first at her eyes, blue and tranquil. They urge you to search the rest of her beautiful face. Next, you move to Alessandra’s long dark hair. The way it grazes the swell of her chest captures you and ignites your carnal desires. Then, you gaze at her curvaceous silhouette. Alessandra’s dangerously soft natural DD-cup breasts rise and fall as you touch her silky skin with the tips of your fingers. Your hand moves down to grip her plump behind as she pushes her body against yours.

When she is pressed against you, Angel Alessandra will whisper words of passion into your ear. Her hands will explore your body hungrily; no patch of skin will be untouched. Her luscious breasts in your hands will fill your body with pleasure. Alessandra’s sophistication in the bedroom will excite your most erotic passions. If you enjoy relaxed play with lots of laughter and sensuality, this Angel will exceed every expectation.

Play with Angel Alessandra today — organise your intimate encounter. She’s the curvaceous angel of your dreams.