Actors & Models** INT’L OPEN CASTING CALL **Hollywood Film Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States
Posted on November 2, / 239

Listing Type : Part Time Jobs

Kingdom of Light Entertainment are casting The Gauntlet, a horror feature where six strangers wake in a sunken castle. They have no food. No memory. No water. And no way out. These strangers are from every normal walk of life, yet they each have a secret. They don’t know it yet, but they’re capable of something they never imagined. They must organize and band together for the sinister adventure that awaits them.. Matt Eskandari, dir. Shoot continues mid December. Seeking: six thugs: late 20s-40s,any ethnicity and look for different flashback scenes; Record Executive: mid 20s-50s, smooth but sleazy/sexist, any look & ethnicity will be considered but must be believable as a music person, supporting role; TEN attractive and fit females and FIVE fit men to be cast in a critical scene set in an aerobics studio (BAI LING will play the instructor), any age and look will be considered; 3 teens who are believable as being filled with angst and rebellion, any look. Must be over 14 years old; 2 cops, could be hunky, grumpy, plump, M/F, (give us a cop we’ve never seen before if you want); Our producers and casting director would like to invite you to our second round of their international OPEN CALL auditions. They have pushed back our production to cast the best actors from across the nation. Please go to our official movie page (link below) and check out our production. That is where our casting director will consider further candidates. Due to time & travel constraints, we will be conducting virtual auditions unlike anything that as ever been done before. Click on the picture of the skull to get started. The first step of the audition has already been posted in bulletins and on our official page’s blog. We’re excited about opening casting up to everyone (especially to those who have no connections in Hollywood). This is a new approach the producers and casting directors are taking for this film, which we will be utilizing as a casting tool for all of our future projects. Pay, copy, credit,travel & meals. SAG Low Budget Film Agreement, approved. Union/non-union.