ABRSM / TRINITY PIANO & THEORY LESSONS GRADE 1-8, MEP, HMP Bukit Merah Bukit Merah, Central SG, Singapore
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ABRSM / TRINITY PIANO & THEORY LESSONS GRADE 1-8, MEP, HMP, By Experienced and Qualified teacher. 


She is major in Compositions and Piano Performance, holds BA (HONS) in Music, LTCL, ATCL, AMusTCL.  She possess knowledge of the laws of composition where help to express composer’s intentions and the composition’s true content.  She understands the nature of writing for the piano, able to master the melodic and harmonic demands.


With 16 years of teaching, she is able to recognize different children’s musical ability and uses different ways to stimulate and nurture them.  She gave instructions based on genuine concern about the child and what his or her capabilities are.


Every child’s brain development and musical development has its own timetable.  Due to this, she will discuss with parents, plan activities, commit to lessons or convey expectations that are appropriate for a child’s developmental stage.


Please contact her if you wish to make further enquiries.


Email: swaiye@yahoo.com.sg