2002 Ford Thunderbird All States, united states
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2002 Ford Thunderbird Inspiration Yellow with Yellow and Black Leather Seats. Removable Yellow Hardtop Black
Softtop. All other options as far as I know. 
Selling Grandma’s Thunderbird. It was the first Thunderbird sold in Indiana. Grandpa worked for Ford they also
bought the first Thunderbird in 1955. When she bought this one in 2002 the Indianapolis Star wrote up an article
about her buying both the first Thunderbirds that article is included with the sale. She actually paid $10,000
over the sticker price just so she could have the first one. I have the tag showing that. I’m 99% sure she paid
the total price almost two years before it was delivered. 
The car has 15,556 miles as of today. It is in great shape. No dents that I can see. Never been wrecked. (edit
now I found out she did bump another lil old lady in 2008. There was apparently no damage though) There is one
scratch about an inch right above the license plate holder you can see in the pictures. Pretty sure that the
movers pushed the hardtop stand up into it when they were emptying her house and scratched it. Other than that I
can see nothing wrong with it. Always maintained by Don Hinds Ford the dealership she bought it from. They even
came out to her house and took the hardtop off and put it on the stand. In the last couple months it had the fuel
pump replaced for $1000 also a new battery. Runs and drives great. No mechanical problems that I know of. 
Has the yellow hardtop, black soft top. The rolling storage stand for the hardtop also a soft cover for when the
soft top is down. It snaps in place I think. 
Extras included Thunderbird book, diecast model car, various articles, original windshield sticker, photos, and
some other paperwork. She really loved this car. She kept all the info and paperwork the dealership gave her. I
would guess these will become collector cars in the near future, and someday a

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